Expanding Into Pet Patient Transfers

We are excited about the latest news about our ambulance transfers.

We are now offering ambulance services for your animals! We are working with several area animal hospitals in the Pinellas County area. This service will be able to assist in life support, sedation and safer comfortable transport options for your pets.

Sometimes a pet is to large to be carried or they are uncontrollable due to pain or injury. We can help in these instances and give you the ability to focus on getting to your vet Dr. in time.

We have also partnered with pet sitting companies in Dunedin to help make their clients feel more confident that their pet will be monitored and cared for all times.

Our first partner is Elite Pet Watchers in Dunedin. Lori is an awesome sitter of dogs and cats and truly loves her job. Please check her out if you ever need a pet sitter, dog walking or doggy daycare. Click their website to see what they have to offer.  ElitePetWatchers.com

Stay tuned for additional partners we link with and contact us if you need any further information.

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